Facts About Nuts And the Human Age

Information about Facts About Nuts And the Human Age and everything about Food to prevent from any health problems and make you stay health everyday. A research that was published in the U.S. journal New England Journal of Medicine, which has been cited by Chinadaily say that they are fond of eating nuts is much more streamlined. The reason is they are not too worried about being overweight and can control the food, so rarely have problems of overweight. In addition there is also a saying that people who eat a handful of nuts every day can be said to have lived longer than those who avoid nuts for some reason.

Facts About Nuts And the Human Age

Facts About Nuts And the Human Age

Charles Fuchs, a senior author and Director of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Pusan at Dana - Farber Cencer Institute says there are a significant number of rate reduction, amounting to 11% of the cancers Available when a person consumes nuts.

Basically, all kinds of beans good to eat. There is no suggestion to consume certain types of nuts. But the kind of peanuts into most types of nuts consumed. In addition, to alternative types of nuts are recommended for consumption is the type of tree nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, macadamia, pecans, cashews, pistachios, and pine nuts.

According to previous studies, the increase in peanut consumption is closely linked to several serious diseases that can infect humans, bleak heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, gallstones, and others. In addition, the high level of consumption of nuts can lower cholesterol levels, oxidation stress, inflammation, and insulin resistance.

Consuming Peanuts Can Make Ageless

In the results of a recent study involving 79,000 women and 42,000 men through a questionnaire about what foods are most often consumed for two to four years. The results were very surprising. Those who ate nuts less than once a week had a 7 % decrease in mortality. Consuming beans once a week experienced a 11 % reduction in mortality. Consuming beans two to four times a week experienced a 13 % decrease in mortality. Consuming beans 5 to 6 times a week can experience a 15% reduction in mortality. And the last one bean consumed 7 or more in a week to 20 % decrease in mortality.

Nuts contain critically important substances needed by the body, such as unsaturated fats, high quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals at. All of these substances offer cardioprotective, anti- cancer, anti- inflammatory, and anti- oxidants. So it is very safe to eat peanuts.